Our Work

Interspeed, with its three group agencies in 2020, is uniquely positioned to offer true holistic marketing communications with deep understanding of the market and consumers, a ready and tested infrastructure in-house and in the field, and the vast experience of our professional personnel.

Our track record speaks for itself in terms of our go-to-market readiness, in the examples of taking over Samsung Mobile’s 600+ sales force (called “experience consultants”) and developing an integrated App-based monitoring system to manage them in less than a month.

Our capacity for large scale resource mobilization all across the country is aptly demonstrated in the example of our continuous deployment of one of the largest field forces across the country for BAT Bangladesh (our 10th year with the client).

Our experience in leveraging partnerships with key stakeholders such as government officials, private sector entities, press corps and student groups is demonstrated in our work example of ICT Career Camp campaign for LICT (Leveraging ICT for Women and Youth) project undertaken by the ICT ministry funded by the World Bank and and partnered with Ernst & Young as the youth ICT top-up training partner. We met the target of registering youth (maintaining a strict ratio condition of female participation) from all 64 districts both on-campus and on-line, for the Top-up training program.

As a group, our creativity, brand and market know-how is always coupled with market and strategic intelligence to deliver impactful and effective communication executions that can then be cost-effectively pushed out across all target touch points, be it digital, on-ground or in media based on real data and analytics.

As a creative agency, (Interspeed Advertising Limited) our understanding, experience and knowledge of brand identity design is unmatched in the market – resulting in some stellar and long-standing brands like Banglalink, Bikroy, Radio Foorti and Bistro-E to name a few. This is where our creative agency’s “smallness” (compared to our activation agency or the group’s “bigness”) results in a more bespoke, hands-on approach from the thought leaders of the agency.