SHINRAI Japanese Green Tea from the House of Finlay

From brand identity design to retail launch - A 360 degree brand launch with a delicate and balanced touch

The Consolidated Lands and Tea Co. Ltd. (Finlay)

Our Agency
Interspeed Advertising

February 2021

About the Project
Our first project after on-boarding the Finlay client last year was to launch the first Japanese green tea brand in the market. Targeted towards the more nuanced green tea lover, SHINRAI was positioned as a distinct Japanese experience loaded with extra immunity boosting qualities. The agency created a self assured brand identity with a worldly (and of course Japanese) feel to it. Selected Unimart Gulshan as the venue and created a quaint Japanese tea ceremony to launch our brand amidst the shoppers as well as the FB live audience. The brand communication was supported by an animated video introductory ad, and will follow up with a thematic on-line film.