• We are Interspeed.

    Interspeed is one of the first ad agencies of Bangladesh. Today we are a group of creative thinkers, writers, artists, planners, managers, data crunchers, calculators and field marshals, teamed up to provide marketing and communication solutions and content that go beyond advertising.

  • We are a One-Stop Shop.

    We provide strategy, branding, design, advertising, digital, production, outreach, activation, events & immersion marketing, trade marketing, sales promotion, data intelligence and automation through our three agencies.

  • We Tell Bold Stories.

    We are in the business of changing minds by telling stories, making connections and spreading news. We solve marketing problems to help you build your business and brand. Not the flash-in-the-pan kind, but the ones that are loved for a long time.

We work with a variety of clients all across the industries, and serve them with a diverse range of disciplines, expertise and services.

Questions? Please drop us a line.

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